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Your Guide to Buying a Home: Simplified for Every Generation

Are you considering your first property purchase, looking to upgrade, downsize, relocating for work, or retiring? No matter the reason, the journey to homeownership can be both exciting and complex. At Lucas Sales & Lettings, we are here to simplify the process and provide you with the guidance you need, no matter your generation.

  1. Step 1: Check Your Finances

    Before you dive into the property market, it is essential to understand your financial situation. If you are going to need a mortgage start by getting a mortgage agreed in principle. Our trusted partner, John Betts Mortgages Ltd, can assist you with this. Give John a call at 01536 312945 to get started. If you have a property to sell, ask us now for a FREE no obligation market Valuation – Kettering and Area 01536 312600 or Corby and Area 01536212701

  2. Step 2: Determine Your Budget

    Decide how much you are willing to spend on your new home. To get a clearer picture of what you can afford, click on the 'Properties For Sale' button on our website.

  3. Step 3: Define Your Dream Home

    Consider the type of property you need. Contact us to arrange direct alerts straight to your inbox often sent before we load to the property portals or better still, follow us on Facebook and Instagram

  4. Step 4: Explore Suitable Properties

    Browse through the listings on our website and click on the 'Contact Us' button to arrange viewings. Remember, it is wise not to overwhelm yourself with too many property viewings in a single day.

  5. Step 5: Make an Offer "Subject to Contract"

    Found your dream property? It is time to make an offer, "subject to contract." The estate agent will need proof of your identity and details of your financial arrangements, including the source of your funds for the purchase, such as the deposit.

If Your Offer Is Accepted:

  • Contact John Betts Mortgages Ltd to complete your mortgage application with your chosen lender.

  • Instruct a legal representative to act on your behalf and pay for local searches and initial disbursements. We recommend our trusted partner for the smoothest of transactions.

  • You will receive a mortgage offer and a copy of the valuation/survey report.

  • If needed, Lucas Sales & Lettings can assist you in obtaining any additional reports or estimates required by your lender.

As You Progress:

  • Ensure your legal representative carries out any required searches.

  • Confirm your legal representative receives draft contracts and answers to inquiries from the seller's legal representative.

Prepare for Completion:

  • Sign the contract and pay your deposit, stamp duty (if applicable), and balance of legal costs if they are not being met from the proceeds of your sale.

  • Exchange contracts, making the purchase legally binding, with a completion date set by your legal representative.

  • Arrange immediate buildings insurance coverage.

  • Begin finalising your move with the help of our free home moving checklist.

Completion Day:

  • The property officially becomes yours, and you can move in. Please note that you can only collect the keys when the seller's legal representative has received all purchase funds, the timing of which can vary based on the chain's length.

  • Take meter readings – keep a photo of the meter(s) and don’t forget the water meter if there is one!

After the Move:

  • Don't forget to change locks and alarm codes for added security.

  • Consider joining a neighbourhood watch scheme for peace of mind.

Additional Tips:

  • Be careful when making bank transfers, always check directly by a recognised telephone with your property lawyer where your money is to be sent to, especially if you receive emails seeking to redirect payment.

  • Remember to transfer your money in good time since some banks will only transfer a certain amount on one day – check in advance with your bank as to how much can be transferred and how long the transfer will take. Allow enough time for your lawyer to perform their due diligence on the source of your funds and be prepared to have evidence of how you acquired your funds otherwise such further enquiries will hold up exchange and completion. Gifted deposits will demand additional enquiries that take extra time. Help to Buy ISA’s can take longer than you may think to transfer out. Any money coming from abroad will demand further investigation and time.

  • Notify your legal representative and agent if you have upcoming holidays and provide contact details.

  • Get a mortgage agreed in principle before viewing properties for a smoother process.

  • Have your identification and proof of residence ready, including a photo driving license or passport and a utility bill no older than three months.

No matter your age or circumstances, Lucas Sales & Lettings is your trusted partner throughout your home buying journey. Let our vast experience simplify the process and provide you with peace of mind.

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